Hi, I’m Coral

Coral - Creative Content Design

An artistic soul, with a background working for small business I understand the hard work required behind-the-scenes.

After being diagnosed with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder), the realities of facing a debilitating medical condition resulted in a swift change in direction. I reached deep to find renewed strength and be inspired by new possibilities. My determination to find a positive outcome led me to pursue my passion for creativity and helping others, to the humble beginnings of Creative Content Design.

Now I get to enjoy sharing my creativity in a way that is productive and soulful.

I gather inspiration from the incredible backdrop of the South West region, from the people, the places, the experiences on our very own doorstep. This is, and always has been, my home.


I have a deep appreciation for community connection and supporting local wherever possible.

I have a fabulous daughter, partner and family who all encourage me to reach for my dreams, as well as provide many laughs along the way! It’s the simple things in life that I love the best… like a Sunday roast and games night. Family is everything to me and I hope that what I do inspires them in return.

I’m living out my creative dream in a way I never imagined! But I also wanted to help others along the way in a similar position to myself. The answer was right in front of my face… a very familiar face. I discovered my daughter inherited the creative gene too! So, I was thrilled to have her contribute to Creative Content Design!

Let me introduce to you my sunshine and my laughter, my daughter Kendal.


Hi, I’m Kendal

Kendal - Creative Content Design

Typical millennial – knows what buttons to push! Just ask mum.

I’m an introverted extrovert, anti-social social butterfly. This helps me to understand and connect with a wide range of people.

Random facts about me – I have an obsession with watermelon themed things, my office is full of fruity delight. I love to travel but my favourite place in the world is my home, the South West of Western Australia.

I come from a family of creatives, growing up in the digital era and working in media gave me the opportunity to discover my ‘super power’. Turns out, I’m pretty talented at helping businesses create their LOOK & FEEL with branding, logos, social media templates and the whole shazam!

If you’re looking to build a strong brand identity and don’t have a creative second to spare, I get straight to the point and work with you to create concepts that will make you want to jump around for joy in your pyjamas!

Connection Creativity Integrity


We look forward to supporting you on your business adventure.

Keep an eye out for fresh designs, as we are constantly creating and sharing new designs. Please feel free to reach out if you are searching for something in particular for your social media or brand. We love customising our products to help you build connection with your customer.

If you like a warm and friendly approach, then let’s have a chat.

Thank you for looking through our designs and helping support a small local business. We are incredibly grateful.

Coral and Kendal

Based in Bunbury, Western Australia

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